• The Bucket-bag Hat #BF005
  • The Bucket-bag Hat #BF005

    The Bucket-bag Hat #BF005

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    Warning: extreme versatility ahead. Get ready for a future of shopping smarter, not harder. This game-changing multitasker punches above its weight by combining the functions of multiple garments in one. An innovative easy-convert design keeps things simple: flip and unlimit this bucket hat’s potential — by transforming it into a practical bucket bag. With its extendable interior and removable strap, this next-level accessory not only helps you keep your cool, but carries your stuff when you need it, too. So why buy two, when one can do? 


    • Extendable two-way style
    • Convertible bag strap
    • Easy access slots
    • Concealed card holder
    • Secure button closure
    • 100% salvaged fabrics 
    • 100% recycled plastic hardware
    • Handcrafted in Singapore
    • One-of-a-kind design


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