• The Takeaway Shirt #TL027
  • The Takeaway Shirt #TL027

    The Takeaway Shirt #TL027

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    We’ve gone to great lengths to bring you the supreme convenience of this lazy-resistant pantry-in-a-shirt. Multi-pockets offer unparalleled storage for your reusable container, bottle, utensils and everything else you need — keeping you relentless in your determination to stay away from anything single-use. Thought you couldn’t take your plastic-free performance to greater heights? This shirt says you can.


    • Convertible bottle-sling-pocket
    • Hankie sleeve slot
    • Cutlery kit compartment
      Expandable flask holder
    • Lunchbox pocket
    • D-ring attachments
    • Heavy-duty fabrication
    • 100% salvaged fabrics 
    • 100% recycled plastic hardware
    • Handcrafted in Singapore
    • One-of-a-kind design


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