Good Threads — a capsule collection of performance wear for the urban jungle. Made from salvaged materials, designed to boost your pro-planet performance and withstand the perils of city life.


Performance wear for whatever life has in store

We all have good intentions. To consume less plastic, to recycle more, and to just be better co-inhabitants of Earth. So why don’t we? Because, for many of us, the biggest obstacle to sustainable living can be the urban jungle itself.

The pitfalls of forgetting your supermarket tote. The frustrations of recycling on-the-go. The temptations of single-use plastic. Navigating the conditions of urban life on a daily basis sometimes takes effort – and that’s what inspired Good Threads, which is borne out of our hope to provide optimal support for your good intentions and help you withstand the perils of city life.

Made for city living

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about performing our personal best for the planet. Our design process approaches each product by tackling a specific challenge in daily life — eating sustainably, shopping sustainably, recycling, and minimising consumption.

By applying the extreme functionality and specialisation of performance wear to the challenges of the urban jungle, we create new possibilities for what clothes can do: not just change the way we look, but change the way we act.

Mindful performance, by design

Not just designed for the urban landscape and outdoor terrains, but crafted with the planet in mind. That’s how Good Threads was made.

Working in partnership with our design partner unusualfelines, each piece is crafted from 100% salvaged fabrics, which were reworked locally in Singapore, for totally one-of-a-kind looks that also leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

To prolong the lifespan of our material resources, all fabrics used in the collection were sourced from local thrift and secondhand stores honsieponsie, Function Five, and Woofie’s Warehouse as well as textile collection drives.

Even the plastic hardware – including every button and clasp – is made from post-consumer plastic, in collaboration with recycling studio, Plastify.

Good in so many ways

As part of the Choose Good with Mandai initiative, 100% of proceeds from the sale of Good Threads will go towards supporting conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Find out more about our conservation work here.